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Localy sourced, Manufactured, and produced to give the greatest CBD benefits possible. 

The ultimate treat

Delta-8 T-Bomb Gummies are a revolutionary product made from the highest quality Delta-8 extract. Each 10 count pack of T-Bomb Gummies contain 20mg of vibe-lasting Delta-8 THC and packs a payload of fun! Used by customers of all ages for sleep, depression, anxiety, and recreational purposes. 

Crafted to perfection

Revival CBD Cream is a powerful combination of Full Spectrum Phyto-cannabinoid Rich Oil and essential oils blended to create a premium lotion to assist sore muscles and joints, skin conditions, and inflammation. 

Created for the avid Lifestyle

Our topical CBD Roll On is easy to use for those on the go. Fits in a pocket, purse, travel bag, golf bag or any other carry item. Contains the same active ingredients as our  “Best Selling” CBD Revival Cream. With a roller-ball applicator it is absorbed into the skin directly where applied to deliver targeted relief. 

Our Vibeful Tinctures work great for deep pain, body discomfort, and anxiety. Both unflavored and sweet orange flavor are taken sublingually (under the tongue) and easy for the body to absorb. Both orange and unflavored come in a 1oz. bottle with 500mg or 2,000mg of full spectrum phyto-cannabinoid rich oil and MCT oil. Simple ingredients that provide lasting results for overall body goodness! Catch your vibe with these premium tinctures. 

Feel like unwinding and chilling

Chill out with assorted strains of high-grade locally grown hemp flower with or without Delta-8 THC. Without Delta-8 THC Pre-Rolls are a great way to unwind at the end of the day and just chill. Pre-Rolls with Delta-8 THC give you the psychoactive affects of Marijuana with a little less anxiety and paranoia.