Make money selling premium and highly rated CBD products in your spare time. 

T-Bomb Gummies are Da-Bomb!
T-Bomb's are available in Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC. Each 10 count package packs a payload of fun!
Must be 21 years of age or older to purchase.
Revival CBD Creams
Revival CBD Creams are a powerful combination of Full Spectrum CBD and essential oils to create a premium lotion to assist sore muscles and joints, skin conditions, and inflamation.
VIBE CBD Tinctures
Our Vibe Full SPectrum Tinctures work great for deep body pain, body discomfort and anxiety. Both Unflavored and Sweet Orange Flavor are taken sublingually (under the tongue) and easy for the body to absorb.
This is how we roll Cheebs!
Chill out with assorted strains of high-grade locally grown hemp flower with and without Delta-8 THC.
Must be 21 years of age or older to purchase.
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About the Brand

Chiba Chiba offers exciting, compelling, and beneficial CBD products. Managing events, stores and websites are time consuming; by creating the Chiba Army we are working closely with individuals who want to make money by helping those who need that extra dose of CBD!

Chiba Army Events

This is where you bring your ideas to life! Parties, friends & family, or any gathering where you can push the benefits of CBD is the perfect event for you. Let your ideas roam and bring the party with you when carrying any of our Delta-8 products.
Salons, Gyms, and Boutiques
Do you know of a local store, such as a gym, salon, physical therapy or any boutique that might be interested in carrying CBD? This is a fantastic place to engage people in the great benefits of CBD.
Bike Night/Car Cruises
These types of events brings the full range of age groups and backgrounds. For those looking for creams for arthritis and pain relief, to the young bloods looking for something to suit their weekend warrior lifestyle. A great place for a pitstop to show the benefits of CBD.
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Chiba Chiba Event: MudSlide

This is how we Vibe Cheeb have a good time make success