A powerful combination of Full Spectrum Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich Oil (CBD) and essential oils are blended to create premium lotions that assist sore muscles and joints, and feel refreshing on your tired body. Made from CBD extracted from Hi-Grade Hemp Flower in a 2oz container offering long lasting relief at a price much lower than lesser quality CBD products. Paying more for CBD doesn’t insure a premium product. Our products are tested in 3rd party labs with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) provided for each.

  • Revival CBD Cream Quick View
    • Revival CBD Cream Quick View
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    • Revival CBD Cream

    • $45.00
    • 1000mg CBD Cream When sore muscles and joints, skin conditions, or inflammation are bringing you down, rub on a finger-tip full of Revival and chill out with some awesome Chiba relief. A cooling and soothing blend of Hi-Grade CBD and essential oils blended into a premium lotion that can provide relief, regeneration, and recuperation.
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